Keter Tikkun Kor'im

The Koren Keter Tikkun Kor'im is the very best aid for those preparing Torah readings. The text is printed with vowels and cantillation markings in large Koren Tanakh Font, specifically designed for optimum clarity, opposite and aligned with the text. The text is the most exact and authoritative. Includes the Five Books of the Torah and the five Megillot.

Hebrew | Hardcover | Reader's size | 8.4x13.2 in | 387 pages | 5.500 lb | ISBN: 9789653010789

“I hereby recommend this Koren publication, which has performed a great service in publishing the Holy Scriptures according to Jewish tradition, with careful regard for accuracy in spelling, vowels and accentuation...I call upon my friends and students [to distribute] the Tanakh in synagogues and Batei Midrash, in schools and in private homes...”

--Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik