First Edition Tanakh

A Three Volume Hebrew Bible

A small number of copies remain of the first edition, three-volume set of The Koren Tanakh. Published in 1962, it was the first Tanakh designed, edited, printed and bound by Jews in nearly 500 years, and the first Tanakh to have Hebrew water marks on its title page. The Tanakh corrects typesetting errors of previous Tanakhim, and features the Koren Tanakh Font, designed by Eliyahu Koren to provide maximum legibility and beauty. Printed on special Butten paper.

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Hebrew | Leather | Reader's size | 8.4x13.2 in | 1340 pages | 16.50 lb | Volumes: 3 | ISBN: 9789653010741

The Koren Tanakh is well proofread and very is advisable that such a Tanakh be found in every house as well as each synagogue and Beit Midrash.”

--Rabbi Moshe Feinstein