Large Type Torah

The Five Books in an Easy-to-Read Hebrew Format

The Koren Large Type Torah is a clear, large type edition of the Five Books of Moses. Featuring the famous Koren Tanakh Font, the text is particularly well suited for students in the early stages of learning Hebrew and studying the Torah, and for those needing large type.

Large Type Torah $19.95

Hebrew | Hardcover | Reader's size | 8.5x13.4 in | 327 pages | 2.35 lb | ISBN: 9789653010581

The Koren Tanakh is well proofread and very is advisable that such a Tanakh be found in every house as well as each synagogue and Beit Midrash.”

--Rabbi Moshe Feinstein

Large Type Torah Hebrew | Large size | Hardcover 9789653010598$14.95