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Maggid Modern Classics

The Maggid Modern Classics series aims to collect under a single imprint works by the premier thinkers of the Modern Orthodox / Religious Zionist community. These works, carefully chosen and scrupulously edited by Maggid's expert team, include material never before published, material that has never before been translated into English, as well as new versions of classic works.


This series will answer a gaping need expressed by rabbis, educators and laymen alike: to articulate the philosophy and values of Modern Orthodoxy. The works of these great figures can provide the Modern Orthodox community spiritual and intellectual sustenance, guidance and self-confidence. But more than this, the series will provide an invaluable resource for thinking religious Jews of all stripes and, indeed, for anyone concerned with the role of religion in the modern world. Making these works available in English will help bring Judaism's voice to the public square and benefit anyone seeking meaning in an age of change and confusion.


The bold thinkers included in this series combine mastery of the entire Judaic oeuvre with breadth of vision and a profound humanity. Applying the highest production values to the writings of these world-class thinkers, Maggid Modern Classics will become a permanent addition to the Jewish bookshelf, to be read for generations to come.

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