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By His Light: Character and Values in the Service of God

In this volume, Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein explores the development of the religious personality. He advocates a life centered on the service of God, but recognizes multiple paths to this goal. Acknowledging that both the Jewish value system and human experience are multifaceted, he examines the relevant issues from an unusually wide perspective.

Rabbi Lichtenstein’s essays reflect not only a staunch commitment to Halakha and a firm grounding in rigorous Torah study, but also a deep spirituality, a profound moral sensitivity, and a keen awareness of both the challenges and opportunities of modernity. While being enlightened by Rabbi Lichtenstein’s penetrating analyses and wide-ranging learning, the reader will also be inspired by the beauty of his vision of the religious life.


 Among the topics addressed:

• character refinement

• openness and insularity

• commandment and choice

• secular studies

• Torah and career

• setting religious priorities

• religion and morality

• trust in God

• the Holocaust

• the State of Israel

• Jewish solidarity

• repentance


These essays originated as lectures, and have been selected and adapted for print by Rabbi Reuven Ziegler.


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ISBN 9781592644698
author Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein
Pages 272
Language English
Binding Hardcover
Author Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein

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A Fabulous Addition to Any Jewish Library Review by S. Lebens
I generally try to steer away from superlatives, but anyone with any familiarity with the teaching, the character, the ethical fiber, the psychological sensitivity, the erudition, the sophistication and the purity of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein will be hard-pressed to avoid superlatives. For he is simply one of the greatest Rabbis of our times, if not the greatest.

Who in the world today can boast the mastery of the entire gamut of the Rabbinic cannon, at the same time as boasting a mastery, appreciation, and sensitivity to the fruits of the Western intellectual and cultural tradition? In fact, 'boast' is certainly the wrong word because Rav Lichtenstein's humility is as spell-binding as his intellectual stature.

By His Light is a collection of essays that offers a relatively succinct and yet profound introduction to all of these elements of Rav Aharon. The sensitive reader cannot fail to be impressed by the array of topics that he covers with such sophistication, creativity and laser-sharp insight. Furthermore, as one reads these essays, one starts to catch a glimpse of the persona of the thinker that produced them: a person who is very much in touch with the human condition, hugely insightful and intellectual, and yet living a life of faith that is refreshingly child-like in its purity and simplicity.

The two volume Leaves of Faith is also a fantastic and important collection, but this book, By His Light, is perhaps the better introduction.
(Posted on 8/9/2017)

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“Undoubtedly worthy of celebration” – Kol HaMevaser, Yeshiva University


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Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein
Rabbi Dr. Aharon Lichtenstein (1933–2015) was born in Paris, France, and escaped the Nazi occupation with his family, arriving in the United States in 1941. After s...
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