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Laws of Prayer

Peninei Halakha

The first volume in English of the series, Peninai Halacha, focuses on the Laws of Prayer. It includes the following:


• Laws of minyan • Place of prayer • The Chazan, Kaddish and mourners • Preparation for prayer • Nusachim and minhagim (different community customs) • Morning ritual • Birkot HaShachar (Morning Blessings) • Birkot HaTorah (Torah Blessings) • Korbanot • Pesukei d'Zimrah • Keriat Shema • The Amidah • Correcting mistakes during prayer • The chazan’s repetition of the Amidah • The Priestly Blessing • Tachanun and prayers of supplication • Torah Reading • Minchah and Ma’ariv • The Bedtime Shema


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ISBN 9781613290330
author Rabbi Eliezer Melamed
Pages 250
Language English
Binding Hardcover
Author Rabbi Eliezer Melamed

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"Is it is mitzva to Save a Terrorist in Danger?" - Rav Eliezer Melamed, Baltimore Jewish Times (Click here to read the article)

“Skillfully weaves together a variety of sources in order to present the halacha as he feels it should be observed…exceptionally informative” – Rabbi Ari Enkin, Torah Musings Blog (Read The Full Review Here)


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Rabbi Eliezer Melamed
Rabbi Eliezer Melamed is rabbi of the community of Har Bracha and head of its hesder yeshiva. His Peninei Halakha series has sold over 500,000 copies in Hebrew and i...
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