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  1. Written byRabbi Shlomo Riskin

    Inspirational Stories for My Grandchildren


    See the divine in every human encounter. Be receptive to God’s voice. Act out of faith. These are just a few of the life lessons Rabbi Shlomo Riskin imparts in this collection of personal stories. Rabbi Riskin takes us from his grandmother’s Brooklyn Shabbat table to the vibrant community of Efrat, Israel, with stops in Russian Jewish communities struggling to maintain their ethnic identities, New York synagogues tackling political controversies and much more. Through these poignant, entertaining, often humorous tales, Rabbi Riskin passes on wisdom for the next generation and, indeed for us all.

  2. Written byGershon Bar-Cochva

    סיפור הקרב האחרון


    ספר "מקדש בלהבות" מציג הכותב לראשונה תמונה מפורטת ומרתקת של מהלכי המצור הרומי על ירושלים
    בסיפור עוצר נשימה של גבורה, דרמה, הטעייה, ותקווה שנכזבה, עד לפריצה אל תוך חומות העיר ושריפת המקדש.
    לצד תיאורים אלה מובאים בפני הקורא עושר של ממצאים ארכיאולגיים מהתקופה, שנחשפו בשנים האחרונות בעיר דוד וירושלים הקדומה.

  3. Written byProf. Yosef Garfinkel

    A look at new archaeological finds

  4. Written byAhron Horovitz

    A Journey to the Source

  5. פרשת דרכים Sale
    Written byDr. Yitzchak Meitlis

    מבט ארכיולוגי וגאוגרפי בפרשיות השבוע

    Special Price $25.46

    Regular Price: $29.95

  6. Written byRabbi Binyamin Lau

    From the Mishna to the Talmud

    Character, Context & Creativity

  7. Written byAvi Rath, Rabbi Shlomo Goren
  8. Written byAhron Horovitz, Gershon Bar-Cochva

    The Epic Story of the Final Battle for Jerusalem


    A Temple in Flames is the result of a collaboration between two authors: Dr. Gershon Bar-Cochva – a military historian specializing in the study of the Roman army, particularly the war of the Jews against the Romans in the Great Revolt – and Ahron Horovitz, director of Megalim, The Higher Institute of Jerusalem Studies, and the author of several popular books on ancient Jerusalem. In A Temple in Flames, Bar-Cochva presents for the first time a detailed and fascinating picture of the stages of the Roman siege on Jerusalem in a breathtaking saga that culminates with the breach of the city walls and the burning of the Temple. Alongside these depictions, Horovitz offers the reader a wealth of contemporaneous archaeological finds that have been uncovered in recent years in the City of David and ancient Jerusalem.

  9. Written byRabbi Berel Wein

    The Personal Story of a Community Rabbi


    Rabbi Berel Wein – rabbi and historian, writer and lecturer, kashrut supervisor and rosh yeshiva – looks back at the dramatic events of his life. From religious controversies and educational dilemmas, through challenges of community building and synagogue politics, to encounters with great rabbis and travels throughout the Jewish world, Rabbi Wein’s tale is one of Jewish leadership in twentieth-century America, at once highly public and deeply personal.

    With great humor and disarming honesty, Teach Them Diligently tells the story of the trials and the triumphs, the struggles and the joys of a life devoted to Jewish community service.

  10. Written byRabbi Berel Wein

    Patterns in Jewish History is Rabbi Berel Wein's masterful history of the Jewish people. Through the prism of timeless themes: education, customs, anti-Semitism, assimilation, the role of teachers and rabbis, the land of Israel and more, Rabbi Wein examines the values that have enabled the Jewish people to survive and thrive for three thousand years.

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