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  1. Written byRabbi Yehuda Amital

    On the High Holidays

  2. Written byRabbi Adin Steinsaltz

    A Guide for the Newly Observant Jew


    The concept of teshuvah (return) occupies a central place in Judaism. More than a shift to a life of greater religious observance, teshuvah is a spiritual re-awakening, a desire to strengthen the connection between oneself and God; it is a life-long process. Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz?s Teshuvah is intended to guide the ba?alei teshuvah in dealing with the difficulties likely to be encountered along the difficult path of return. What is Jewish religious practice all about? How can people who embark on journeys of teshuvah embrace their new identities while accepting their former selves? How can they continue to relate to their families and communities? With characteristic wisdom, patience and sensitivity, Rabbi Steinsaltz offers a practical guide for the newly observant Jew.

  3. Written byDr. Yael Ziegler

    From Alienation to Monarchy

  4. Written byRabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik
  5. With Liberty and Justice New
    Written byJoe Lieberman

    The Fifty-Day Journey from Egypt to Sinai

  6. Written byRabbi Ezra Bick

    Understanding the Thirteen Midot

    English Edition


    Each year on Yom Kippur, fast days, and the days leading up to the High Holidays, Jews around the world recite the Thirteen Midot:
    "HaShem, HaShem, El Rahum veHanun, Erekh Apayim, veRav Hesed veEmet, Notzer Hesed laAlafim, Noseh Avon vaFesha veHata'a veNakeh."
    In His Mercy examines the Thirteen Midot and their philosophical underpinnings through the lenses of the Talmud, the Midrash and major commentaries. It offers an insightful introduction, and concise, illuminating essays on each Mida. Based on a series of lectures given over twenty years by Rabbi Ezra Bick, a leading scholar at Israel's Yeshivat Har Etzion, In His Mercy is the first English edition of this special work.

  7. Written byRabbi David Brofsky

    Understanding the Laws of the Festivals


    The dynamic Jewish calendar provides constant religious challenges and spiritual opportunities. It allows us to focus on the birth of our nation, our travels in the desert, our relationship to God, and the giving of the Torah. Through the in-depth study of the Torah and the halakhot of the mo?adim, one can and should enrich one?s personal religious, and spiritual experience. That is the primary purpose of this book.

    Listen to David Brofsky discuss Hilkhot Mo'adim on By the Book, Koren's Author Radio Show!

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