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Parashat HaShavua

Parashat HaShavua

  1. Written byDr. Erica Brown

    Authority & Anarchy in the Book of Numbers


    Confidently navigating the ancient wilderness, master educator Erica Brown guides readers through the tumultuous events of the book of Numbers in search of the key to successful leadership. How might a leader overcome unrest? How to contend with external challenges and internal doubts? And how to rekindle the faith of a people who have all but given up? Bringing together Bible and commentary, literature and philosophy, travelogues and corporate manuals, Leadership in the Wilderness presents a guide to good government, as relevant today as it was three thousand years ago.

    Click here for a free download of chapter one!

    Listen to Erica Brown talk about Leadership in the Wilderness on JM in the AM Radio Show with Nachum Segal!  

  2. Written byRabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb

    Discovering the Human Element in the Weekly Torah Portion

  3. Written byRabbi Adin Steinsaltz
  4. Written byYeshivat Har Etzion Rabbis

    New Readings in Tanach

  5. Written byRabbi Jonathan Sacks

    The Book of Holiness

  6. Written byYeshivat Har Etzion Rabbis

    New Readings in Tanach

  7. Written byYeshivat Har Etzion Rabbis

    פשטות מתחדשים בפרשת השבוע

  8. Written byRabbi Shlomo Riskin

    Set of 5


    For Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Torah is at once the oldest and the most contemporary document directing human lives. In this highly acclaimed, five-volume parashat hashavua series, Rabbi Riskin helps each reader extract deeply personal, contemporary lessons from the traditional biblical accounts. As Rabbi Riskin writes in the introduction to Torah Lights, the struggle with Torah reflects the struggle with life itself. The ability of the Torah to speak to every generation and every individual at the same time is the greatest testimony to its divinity.

  9. Written byRabbi Norman Lamm

    A Commentary for the Ages

    Set of 5


    Between 1952 and 1976, a young, erudite synagogue rabbi named Norman Lamm captivated his congregants with dynamic pulpit sermons. He challenged his audiences to filter out the noise and distractions of modern American life by listening to the divine voice, delving into the wisdom of the Torah. Derashot LeDorot is a selection of essays based on these stirring sermons, culled from the files of the Lamm Archives of Yeshiva University. Each essay features reflections on the weekly parasha, brilliantly illustrating Rabbi Lamm’s masterful pedagogy, deep intellectual rigor, and staunch commitment to the word of God. Today, Rabbi Lamm’s words remain as inspiring as they were when first delivered, passing on his wisdom to the next generations.

  10. Written byRabbi Binyamin Tabory
  11. Written byRabbi Jonathan Sacks

    A Weekly Reading of the Jewish Bible

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