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False Facts and True Rumors

Lashon Hara in Contemporary Culture

In False Facts and True Rumors, Rabbi Daniel Feldman undertakes the vital task of examining the halakhic sources regarding lashon hara, derogatory speech, and applying them to today’s technology-driven world. Combining erudite knowledge of rabbinic texts, philosophy, and psychology, Rabbi Feldman explores this uncharted territory of contemporary Jewish life. Among the questions addressed are: How can it be prohibited to convey facts that are true? How can the innocent be protected and society improved in the context of these laws? How do these laws affect areas such as dating and marriage, therapy, business interactions, and comedic performances? How are modern conceptions of privacy and confidentiality impacted? How has the culture of journalism, the Internet, and political campaigning affected, and been affected by, these laws? False Facts and True Rumors offers an essential guide for communicating in today’s fast-paced world, where important information and petty gossip alike are exchanged instantaneously.


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ISBN 9781592644414
author Rabbi Daniel Feldman
Pages 356
Language English
Binding Hardcover
Author Rabbi Daniel Feldman

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“Unlike any other lashon hara book, Rabbi Feldman’s impressive work surveys the sociological literature for information about the unexpected biases and impacts fostered by lashon hara.” - NJ Jewish Link (Read review)

“Explores the laws of lashon haRa not only from a practical perspective but also from a conceptual perspective” - Rabbi Jonny Solomon (Read review)

YU Student Blog Interview with Rabbi Feldman. click Here to read.

“The book gives the reader a deep appreciation of the complexities of human thought, the need for sensitivity when speaking, and the challenges of incorporating all of these into our lives. “ - Times of Israel (Read review)


“False Facts and True Rumors is a superbly written book communicating the complex, convoluted, and multifaceted “Jewish way” of controlling gossip and maintaining a peaceful community.” – San Diego Jewish World (Read review)


"Once again, the reader is the beneficiary of Rabbi Feldman’s ability to take so much Torah material, analyze it, condense it and explain it so that even a relative knuckleheads like me can un­derstand." – Shlomo Greenwald, The Jewish Press (Read Review) 


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Rabbi Daniel Feldman
Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman is a Rosh Yeshiva at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary at Yeshiva University, an instructor in the Syms School of Business and the Wur...
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