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Maggid Studies in Tanakh

The Maggid Studies in Tanakh is a collection of works by a cadre of master Bible scholars who explore the concepts, themes, literary artistry, and historical context of individual books in the Bible. Each volume in the series utilizes a trailblazing interdisciplinary approach to understanding the Biblical text that fuses both traditional and scholarly tools to understand the Biblical text and its religious meaning. As a whole, the Maggid Studies in Tanakh series offers readers an indispensable resource that reveals the depth and relevance of our most foundational sacred text.


Maggid Studies in Tanakh

  1. Written byDov S. Zakheim

    Statesman and Sage

  2. Written byProf. Eliyahu Assis

    בין משבר לתקווה

  3. Written byDr. Yael Ziegler

    From Alienation to Monarchy

  4. Written byRabbi Michael Hattin

    The Challenge of the Promised Land

  5. Written byRabbi Amnon Bazak

    מלכות דוד

  6. Written byRabbi Alex Israel

    Torn in Two


    The Book of Kings narrates the vivid and turbulent history of Israel and its monarchs. In I Kings: Torn in Two, master educator Alex Israel uncovers the messages hidden between the lines of the biblical text and draws rich and indelible portraits of its great personalities. Revealing a narrative of political upheaval, empire building, religious and cultural struggle, national fracture, war and peace, I Kings: Torn in Two depicts the titanic clashes between king and prophet and the underlying conflicts that can split apart a society.

    Using traditional commentaries and modern literary techniques, the author offers a dynamic dialogue between the biblical text and its interpretations. The result is a compelling work of contemporary biblical scholarship that addresses the central themes of the Book of Kings in a wider historical, political and religious perspective.

    NEW book trailer watch here!

    Author Radio Show! Listen to Alex Israel speak about his debut book.

    Author Q&A! Read 5 Questions for Alex Israel on his debut book.

  7. Written byRabbi Binyamin Lau

    The Fate of a Prophet


    In Jeremiah: The Fate of a Prophet, Rabbi Dr. Binyamin Lau breaks down the Book of Jeremiah, rearranging its chapters according to historical events and the chronology of the prophet’s life. This groundbreaking reconstruction turns the biblical narrative from a collection of disjointed prophecies into a thrilling account of warring empires and nationalistic struggle, social decay and political intrigue, soaring hope and crushing despair.

    Jeremiah: The Fate of a Prophet is the debut volume of Maggid Studies in Tanakh, a major new series that incorporates traditional rabbinic interpretations with scholarly literary techniques to explore the texts, themes, and personalities in the biblical narrative.




  8. Written byRabbi Amnon Bazak

    מלך בישראל

  9. Written byRabbi Dr. Yonatan Grossman

    מגילת סתרים

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