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With Might and Strength

Even during his lifetime, Rabbi Shlomo Goren (1917–1994) stood as an exemplar of rabbinic leadership, a gadol renowned for his wisdom and courage, responsibility and dedication. The young boy from Poland who grew up tilling the land of newfound Israeli villages, enlisted in the Jewish underground, and fought in the War of Independence, rose to become the first chief rabbi of the IDF and, later, the State of Israel. Drawing on his exceptional Torah knowledge, Rabbi Goren confronted the halakhic challenges of sovereignty, molding the character of the Jewish military and state.

Based on a first-person account recorded in the final years of his life, With Might and Strength tells the story of a legendary chief rabbi and halakhic decisor, a leader who left his indelible imprint on twentieth-century halakha and the modern State of Israel.


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ISBN 9781592644094
author Avi Rath, Rabbi Shlomo Goren
Language English
Binding Hardcover
Author Avi Rath , Rabbi Shlomo Goren

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“Even if you don't agree with Rabbi Goren's theological take on Israeli history and politics, this new autobiography offers the student of history a valuable insight into what life was like in the heady years before and after the State of Israel was established.” - the jewish connection



“This is a unique book written by an insider to some of the most historical events in Israeli history, both from a political and religious perspective. It a hard book to put down, and most definitely worth a read.” – The Jewish Press


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