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John Lennon and the Jews

A Philosophical Rampage

In a post-modern world, where identities blur and traditions give way to globalization, "why be Jewish?" has become the most urgent question for Jewish survival. With wit, irreverence, and more than a little old-fashioned hutzpah, Ze'ev Maghen presents the most compelling, outrageously funny defense of Jewish identity in our time.


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ISBN 9781592643974
author Zeיev Maghen
Pages 326
Language English
Binding Paperback
Author Zeיev Maghen

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Praise for John Lennon and the Jews

"Dazzling, profound, hilarious...Speaks urgenly to an issue which threatens to tear the Jews apart in both the Diaspora and in Israel" - Melanie Phillips, The Jerusalem Post (Read the full review here)

 "It's hard not to like John Lennon and the is attractive and refreshing." - Jewish Review of Books (Read the full review here)

 " extremely original and significant piece of writing." - Huffpost (Read the full review here)

 “This is a very funny and utterly outrageous book.” - The jewish daily Forword (Read the full review here)

"Humor, pop-culture references, and personal anecdotes turn this philosophical analysis of Judaism into a thoughtful, relatable critique." - Foreword reviews (Read the full review here) 

"Laden with a humor that tends to be broad and labored rather than witty or dry." - AJL reviews (Read the full review here)

Zeיev Maghen
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