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Prof. David Halivni

David Weiss-Halivni is a specialist in Talmud and rabbinics. He spent thirty years as a member of the faculty of the Jewish Theological Seminary prior to his appointment at Columbia University. Although he has spent a large portion of his career focusing his attention on Talmudic source criticism, he has most recently turned his attention toward biblical exegesis. His ninth book, entitled Peshat and Derash: Plain and Applied Meaning in Rabbinic Exegesis, appeared in 1991, and his tenth, entitled Revelation Restored: Divine Writ and Critical Responses, was published in 1997. In the midst of continuing his multivolume work, Sources and Traditions: A Source Critical Commentary to the Talmud, Professor Weiss-Halivni has published his memoir, The Book and the Sword: A Life of Learning in the Shadow of Destruction.

Prof. David Halivni

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