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Rabbi Dr. Gersion Appel

RABBI DR. GERSION APPEL z”l, a re­nowned scholar, educator and author, pursued his Torah studies in Yeshiva and Mesivta Torah Vodaath, and Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, where he received his semichah. He graduated Yeshiva College and received a Doctor of Hebrew Literature degree from Yeshiva Univer­sity’s Bernard Revel Graduate School and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Harvard University. Serving for many years as the rabbi of leading Or­thodox congregations, Rabbi Appel also had a distinguished academic career at Yeshiva Univer­sity’s Stern College for Women, where he chaired the Jewish Studies and Philosophy departments.

Rabbi Appel was the author of several books on Jewish law and Jewish thought, including Sefer Ha-Neyar: A Thirteenth Century Code of Jewish Law; A Philosophy of Mitzvot: The Religious and Ethical Principles of Judaism, Their Roots in Biblical Law and the Judaic Oral Tradition; and The Concise Code of Jewish Law, Volume One: A Guide to Prayer and Religious Observance in the Daily Life of the Jew

Rabbi Dr. Gersion Appel

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