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Rabbi Haim Sabato

Rabbi Haim Sabato, born in Cairo in 1952, descends from a long line of rabbis from Aleppo, Syria. His family moved to Israel when he was five, and he was educated in leading yeshivas in Jerusalem. A tank gunner in the Israel Defense Forces, he took part in major battles of the Yom Kippur War – an experience that served as the basis for some of his later fiction. Continuing his education after the war, he co-founded a prestigious yeshiva in Maaleh Adumim near Jerusalem, in which he teaches to this day. Rabbi Sabato’s first novel appeared in 1997, and his second novel, Ti’um Kavanot, translated into English as Adjusting Sights, was awarded the prestigious Sapir Prize for Literature in 2000 and the Yitzchak Sadeh Prize for Literature in 2002. His novels Aleppo Tales, Adjusting Sights, From the Four Winds, and The Dawning of the Day have been published in English by The Toby Press

Rabbi Haim Sabato

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