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The Long Night

A True Story

The Night lasted five years and eight days.

Before the Night began, Ernst Bornstein was a precocious eighteen-year-old¬ who had an ordinary family with three siblings, two parents, and a large circle of friends and relatives. But in the autumn of 1939, decades of anti-Semitic propaganda turned into full-fledged violence. Bornstein’s family was subsequently sent to Auschwitz where his parents and siblings were gassed to death.

The Long Night is Bornstein’s firsthand account of what he witnessed in seven concentration camps. Written with remarkable insight and raw emotion, The Long Night paints a portrait of human psychology in the darkest of times. Bornstein tells the stories of those who did all they could do to withstand physical and psychological torture, starvation, and sickness, and openly describes those who were forced to inflict suffering on others. The narrative is simple, yet profound; unbridled, honest, and dignified.

The Long Night was written shortly after the war when the author’s memories were fresh and emotions ran strong. Originally published in German in 1967 as Die Lange Nacht, this is the first English translation of this work.

Noemie Lopian, translater and daughter of the author, talks about the book on BBC Radio Manchester with Mike Shaft. (click here)

UK’s government’s Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid discusses the Long Night in the House of Lords. (click here)



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ISBN 9781592644407
author Ernst Israel Bornstein
Pages 254
Language English
Binding Paperback
Author Ernst Israel Bornstein

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By the Book with Nachum Segal Episode 46: Featuring Noemie Lopian. (click here)

 The Man Who Survived Seven Nazi Death Camps - Daily Express, UK (Click to Read Article)

“The Long Night is the extraordinary tale of Ernst Israel Bornstein's tortuous passage through a number of Nazi camps. What he endured  remind us that there were many different experiences of the camps and that there is no single Holocaust narrative. Most of the camps to which  Dr Bornstein was sent remain little known today, yet they remind us of just how widespread, vast and destructive the brutal camp system was.” - Dan Stone, Professor of Modern History, Royal Holloway, University of London

“It is one of the most fascinating testimonies I have come across.” - Ruth-Anne Lenga' Head of Academic Programmes, Centre for Holocaust Education, Institute of Education University of London

“I read Dr Bornstein's book over two days in preparation for an interview with his family and was transported entirely into the horrors that he experienced, but also into the inner worlds of his resilience and soulful humanity. The narrative is written with such accessible directness, shattering in its detail, but also remarkable in its power to convey the friendships and many kindnesses that helped Dr Bornstein to survive against seemingly insurmountable odds against a backdrop coloured by the painful grinding daily detail of what really happened to a lost generation. The precision detail of his recollection is astounding and his early death a tragedy, but his legacy lives on in the determination his now grown-up children have to preserve and share a narrative that deserves the widest possible audience. The translation by his eldest daughter - a labour of love that took her three years - is elegant, nuanced and invisible; it is the finest tribute to a remarkable man. It has been a privilege.” - Jane Warren, Senior Feature Writer, Daily Express

"It's a rare and honest eyewitness account of the Holocaust." - Graham Satchell, BBC Reporter 

"Bornstein's riveting and painful account of those nightmarish years is a valuable contribution to the corpus of Holocause memoirs." - The Jerusalem Post (Read review)

 “Dr Bornstein’s account is graphic and horrifying in its detail, and commands anguished, compulsive attention to the last page — he survives by barely a whisker.” -  The Jewish Chronicle (Read review)



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Ernst Israel Bornstein
Dr. Ernst Israel Bornstein was born in Zawiercie, a city in the Silesian province of southern Poland (60 km from Auschwitz) on the 26 November 1922. He was the oldest of ...
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