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The Road to Resilience

From Chaos to Celebration

How do you grow from grief? How do the Jewish people continue on with strength despite all of the hardships they have faced? Sherri Mandell explores the seven spiritual steps of resilience that teach us how to not only survive grief, but how to thrive in the face of loss and trauma.
Resilience is often misunderstood. In Jewish thought, resilience is not bouncing back, but is a process of becoming greater. This book will prepare you to enter the darkness of loss and experience growth, even when it seems most unlikely.


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ISBN 9781592643837
author Sherri Mandell
Pages 114
Language English
Binding Hardcover
Author Sherri Mandell

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Sherri Mandell
Sherri Mandell was born in New York and graduated from Cornell University and Colorado State University, where she received an M.A. in Creative Writing. She taught writin...
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