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Uriel Frank

Uriel Frank studied in Rabbi Shabbtai Sabato’s yeshiva in Mitzpe Yericho and Yeshivat Shevut Yisrael in Gush Etzion, headed by Rabbi Shabbtai Rappaport and Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Meir. He attained his academic degrees in Bible studies, Oral Law, education, and Hebrew language from Herzog College (BA) and the Lander Institute (MA).

Frank’s interest in the intersections of Torah and the Hebrew language has been featured on the Moreshet radio channel, the Meorot HaDaf Hayomi weekly, and the Maane Lashon website. He organizes and produces bi-annual seminars on Torah and Hebrew, teaches Torah and language in different frameworks, and publishes essays on these topics. Additionally, he publishes, together with his father Rabbi Yitzhak Frank, learning aids for Talmud study.

Uriel Frank

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